Thanksgiving Veggie Buddha Bowl

With Thanksgiving only 24 hours away, I got Thanksgiving food on my brain! I’m talking turkey (if you’re into that sort of thing), all those roasted veggies, double baked stuffing (not your mama’s average stuffing folks), steamed green beans with slivered almonds, two different types of cranberry sauce, the butternut squash kale salad with cranberries and pecans, the mashed potatoes served with a glorious dinner roll to lap up the pool of creamy gravy…. Are you excited yet? I know I am…

Part of this year’s excitement comes from knowing that those dinner rolls I just spoke about will be 7 grain sprouted Dinner Rolls made by my partners on this post – Angelic Bakehouse! I love knowing that I’m serving food made from REAL ingredients and made for real people just like you and me.

I know that my love for their rolls (and Thanksgiving leftovers) will still run strong once Thanksgiving has passed so I compiled a short list of ways I plan on using their rolls once the holiday is done!

Turkey Pot Pie Soup- a creamy veggie filled soup using leftover roasted veggies and carved turkey. I start by making a quick rou of butter and flour before adding in milk to make a creamy base. I add in my leftover veggies (chopped to bite sides pieces, turkey, a dollop of cranberry sauce (it’s what makes it special!) and a whole bunch of seasoning. Long story short, Angelic Bakehouse rolls would literally want to throw themselves into a bowl of this soup. It’s THAT good!

Leftover Slider Sandwiches- Okay, I know I’m not breaking the internet with this one but their are so many yummy combinations Angelic Bakehouse rolls would pair well with!

1) cold classic sandwich- layer on all the cold leftovers… mash potatoes included!… and have yourself a yummy lunch.
2) panini style – layer turkey, cranberry sauce & brei cheese in between a sliced Angelic Bakehouse roll before placing it on a panini press. It’s ready to eat once the cheese is gooey and bubbly!
3) baked sliders- you know those delicious hawaiian rolls sandwiches? Same concept! Slide a whole bunch of Angelic Bakehouse Dinner Rolls in half. Place the lower half of the rolls to a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Layer on your sandwich ingredients such as turkey, cranberry sauce and cheese or a veggie version like roasted squash, green beans and cranberry sauce. Top with the upper half of the Dinner Rolls before brushing melted butter on top and baking. Can you say yum??

Thanksgiving Casserole Skillet- This idea is a new one for me and I’m honestly not too jazzed about calling it a casserole… something about it reminds me of cream of condensed soup. No hate if you love the stuff but I, for one, do not. For this dish I’d layer torn up pieces of Angelic Bakehouse Dinner Rolls, roasted veggies, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and spoon some gravy over it all. If you’re a cheese lover, I’d highly recommend sprinkling a little shredded cheese on before popping it all in the oven.

and last but not least, along side a Thanksgiving Veggie Buddha Bowl like the one here. The beautiful thing about this bowl is that there is no recipe needed! I’ve placed some of my leftover veggies like green beans, broccoli, Brussels spouts and squash in my bowl with a little cranberry sauce and a huge helping of mashed potatoes and gravy. The rolls add some delicious complex carbs AND protein (6 grams per roll!) to keep you happily satisfied for longer. This bowl really has it all going on. Carbs, fats and protein- you won’t even miss the meat!

That’s it for now but make sure to check back after Thanksgiving to see what other combinations I come up with using Angelic Bakehouse 7 grain sprouted Dinner Rolls!

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