Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Buying Guide

Mother Earth and Mother’s a like deserve a little loving. Am I right or am I right? With Earth Day being only a handful of days behind us, self- isolation bringing more awareness towards treating the earth with a little more respect and Mother’s day right around the corner – I couldn’t help but create a list of all my favorite sustainable gift ideas that mamas (or any female!) will love!

natural beauty products- I know there are a million and a half companies out there but I don’t want to recommend companies that I haven’t had experience with. One company that I have LOVED over the last few years is cocokind. I have used at least 10 products from her and currently use 6 on a daily basis. Her newest celery seed complex is my favorite!!

In addition to cocokind, Whole Maker Co x @_afreshpurefood manuka face mask is a great option created by a small company and a wonderful mama! Paired with a homemade bath scrub and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift.

reusable gifts– these are a great option since they’re practical (mamas don’t need more clutter mmk??) and you can personalize them! I have quite a few reusable items that I would love getting more of. Things like tumblers, hand made coffee cups, water bottles, totes, reusable storage bags (stasher bags is a great option but there are some less expensive finds on Amazon.

plants– spring bulbs, seeds, house plants… there are plenty of online retailers that will send the gift of green! I like The Sill and actually just ordered a Fiddle Leaf Fig from there for my birthday. I can’t wait to get my hands on her! I think I’m going to name her Millie.

non toxic cleaning supplies– I debated putting this one on here because if I got cleaning supplies from my husband – I might punch him. That being said, non-toxic is IN right now so I could see some mamas really appreciating a jump start in that area. One of my favorite non-toxic cleaning brands is Branch Basics. I’ve been using them for the last year and I am HOOKED. I use it to wash everything and anything and it works just as well if not better than the chemical filled stuff.

Another option is essential oils – pump the breaks before you think I’m a hippie dippie weirdo. Or don’t. I love essential oils! They have so many purposes, one of them being to create non-toxic cleaning supplies. If you are interested in getting your hands on some essential oils to ship to your mama or even for yourself – shoot me a message on Instagram or to! I can get you a pretty sweet discount.

Young Living Essential Oils Pictures | Download Free Images on ...

Nuzest – You guys know I couldn’t let a sustainable inspired post go without adding my favorite source of protein!! Nuzest is a great add-in gift idea. Pair a starter pack with a shaker bottle, some chia seeds and nut butter with a nice hand written note. Your mother would love it!

organic fair trade coffee– To go along with a handmade coffee mug ( 😉 ), get your mama some coffee that’s been ethically sourced!! A few of the ones that I’ve tried are SF Bay Coffee, Wicked Joe Coffee, and Kicking Horse Coffee

free ideas- free ideas are ALWAYS the best ideas. Simply picking up the phone and giving your mother a call will do wonders. Other ideas are vintage gifts (clothes, jewelry, pottery) or a hand written note. If you have kids and are looking for grandparent idea, a simple drawing from your kids is the best gift!! Printing off a picture of your kids and having your kids craft a picture frame is a really cute idea too.

Honestly, whatever you give your mama – if it’s from the heart, it will be perfect!

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