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May's TIBI (1)

Maternity Belt: I was so reluctant to get this beauty because I’m a “fit mama” *insert ALL the eye rolls* but this belt has actually HELPED me continue to be active! If you are struggling with back pain during your pregnancy- I would highly recommend looking into either an SI support band or a maternity band (same diff)
Maternity Panties: Don’t scoff okay? None of my underwear fit and because my belly hangs so low, these panties have become my favorite! They really aren’t just for maternity wear. You can wear them if you want some breathable AF low cut panties that are super freaking comfortable. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.
Wild Strawberry Nuzest Protein: I KNOW. I talk about Nuzest all the time but if I could only talk about one company, Nuzest would be them. This month I was REALLY into strawberry smoothies. Like reeeaaallly into them. I made a simple strawberry smoothie by using the Nuzest Wild Strawberry protein with frozen strawberries, frozen cauliflower, almond milk and cinnamon. LIFE CHANGING GUYS. Please get on this strawberry craze with me. If you want to save some $$$ while doing so- use code “ahealthyharmony” at checkout and we’ll be BFFs.
Coconut Personal Lubricant: Can we just all agree that we’re adults and talk about something that is hush hush in the female word? I’m talking about SEX. There is nothing to be ashamed of when talking about a healthy sex life. Who you talk to about it is your prerogative but I’m a big believer that sex can be a key factor in a couple’s relationship. Why the heck shouldn’t we talk about it? While being pregnant, my lady bits have changed- it’s common mmk?? This lubricant is the most natural one I’ve found and I love it! I would recommend it to any friend so that’s why I’m recommending it to you!
Collapsable Cloth Bins: I bought these bins for the baby who is still not named’s nursey and I actually LOVE them. I thought they were going to be really crappy quality because… well, they’re cloth bins from Amazon. I honestly love them though. So much so that I bought another pack and now I can fully organize our closet conversion to make room for baby girl.
Happy Mama Pillow: AKA maternity pillow that not only saves my life but also saves everyone else’s because this mama would be getting zero sleep without it. There are not two people that sleep in my bed at night, there are three and this pillow is one of them. Sorry, not sorry Cody. I need this pillow in my life. That is all.
Ancient Nutrition Strawberry Lemonade Collagen: I’m going to be honest with you, I haven’t met a sweet bone broth from Ancient Nutrition that I like. They taste similar to what I assume a rose covered in dog poop would taste like. Shit. They taste like shit. Their collagen on the other hand? I LOVE THEM and when I finally decided to try their Strawberry Lemonade Collagen… I WAS SHOOK! It is amazing. Like more than amazing and if I wasn’t pregnant I would absolutely be making a margarita with it. Please make one for me? Mmk thanks.
Hu Kitchen Pizza Crackers: Yup, the same Hu Kitchen that makes the most amazing chocolate EVER also makes the most amazing crackers ever. This pregnant mama can down an entire box in 24 hours with ZERO regrets. GET YO’SELF SOME. STAT.
OPI Infinite Shine “Rose Against Time”: The most perfect summer color! I will fully admit that I’m not a girl that gets her nails done on the reg. but do love to treat myself every so often! I came across “Rose Against Time” in May when I went to get my toes done and bought the color off Amazon instantly! I usually say I’m not a pink girl buuuut I might be eating my words at this point.
Podcasts: Alright, I’m fully aware that this isn’t a specific thing BUT in May I made it a point to listen to something educational each and every day. It has become such a highlight of my day that I thought it was worth a mention. Here are some of my favorites:
-Bucci Radio
-Awesome with Alison
-The Rich Bitch Podcast
-Goal Digger
I would love to know if you listen to any podcasts and what your favorites are if you do!

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