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March's TIBI

Happy first day of April!! Aka the best month of the year… aka my birthday month!! The first of the month means it’s time for a round up of all the “Things I’ve Been Into”- I’m really creative at coming up with blog titles.

1)Italian Cream Sodas using OLIPOPwhen I worked in coffee I would make myself an Italian Cream Soda with all the artificial deliciousness. The first week of March I had a MASSIVE craving for an Italian Cream Soda so I decided to make my own. I use OLIPOP’s Strawberries and Cream soda with a splash of almond milk and I’ve in pure heaven ever since. That being said, I’m sure Spindrift would work as well too!

2)Argan Oil Hair Mask I’m all about diy hair masks but occasionally I like to splurge on myself and buy a hair mask. This argan oil hair mask worked wonders!

3)Car Trash Bin– I’m straight awful about leaving trash in my car. I’LL ADMIT IT OKAY?!? But in hopes to change my ways since getting a new car, I decided a little car trash can was necessary. I love this one because it’s not a typical ‘hang off something’ trash bin and it sits perfectly right under my dash since it has a heavy bottom.

4)Food Huggers – I don’t know what took me so long to buy a dang set of these. I’m notorious for never using a whole veggie or fruit and this set of four silicone food savers is literally… a saver. They also double as a can lid! You know how you crack a can of beans for taco night but don’t use the whole thing? Pop one of these on your can and it will stay nice and fresh. If you don’t have these cuties, spend the $6 dollars and save yourself some money in the long run!

5)Laptop Backpack March has been the month of focusing on time management. Getting out of the house to do computer work is a must for me at the beginning of the month (although, now I have an actual office!!) annnnd the coffee didn’t hurt either. Enter this laptop backpack! At first, I was just carrying all my stuff in which was completely manageable but when I started leaving things behind… well, a backpack was needed. This backpack is also great for traveling!

6)Ancient Nutrition Keto Matcha Creamy dreamy deliciousness! I actually have a really hard time drinking matcha, not because I don’t love it though. My stomach has a really hard time handling caffeinated tea BUT I’ve been able to drink this delicious down with ZERO problems! With the weather being so sunny this last month, I’ve been all about the cold drinks.

7)All Natural Self-Tanner I’m a self-love advocate but I’m also an I prefer to never have a sunburn while also having a nice bronzed glow advocate. Instead of getting pricey spray tans- I bought this organic sunless tan and I actually love it! Super easy to apply and doesn’t leave you looking like you got in a fight with an orange.

8) Resistance Bands Pretty in freaking PINK! I have these bands in the generic color and I’m extremely peeved I didn’t see these first. This month I have been exclusively been using my workout bands since modifying has been the name of my game. I’m pretty sure bands will be sticking in my routine for the long run. I love the quality of these ones and they are super CHEAP! Perfect for this penny pinching mama.

9)Egg Separator If you are looking for something that you actually don’t need, I got you. Talk about having a first world problem… I was really tired of moving the yolk back and forth from one side of the shell to the other so I bought this $4.99 tool to help me be lazier. I LOVE it! If you are a user of egg yolks, this tool is the one for you!

10)Acne Patches Not the most glamour thing but these are so useful! When a pimple pops up (gross) simply put one of these stickies on them and let them work their magic! I’ve been really struggling with pregnancy acne and finally decided to try these… I’m never going back!

There may be affiliate links in this post! By purchasing a product I recommend, I may receive a small compensation. Remember peeps- I’m real AF and would only recommend products I absolutely love and use myself. Thank you for supporting me in my realness- you make my LIFE!

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