Keeping Things FLIRTY During A Pandemic

I titled this keeping things flirty during a pandemic but really, it should be titled “how to keep things flirty because relationships are hard and sometimes we get lost in our own stuff.” Thankfully, we don’t need to be in a world crisis to use these tips. They’re helpful in our current state can be helpful in 2021 when we will forget how stressful 2020 was and once again, pick fights with our significant other over silly stuff.

Truth be told, I actually really look forward to that time.

leave little notes- Cody and I have a shower pad that we use to write each other I love yous, draw silly pictures or leave something a little more fiery.
(If you have older kids, make sure they don’t shower in your shower. You’ll have a lot of questions to answer.)

no technology after dark- okay… not really. We do, however, have a hard turn-off-technology rule that we try abide by. Pretty sure there are better things that can happen without the distraction of technology – like having an actual heart-to-heart conversation, playing board games and canoodling.
This is not to say that we don’t break our rule. There are plenty of nights that we are beyond exhausted and nothing sounds better than watching a movie together. When we do this, we make sure our phones are away and cuddling is a nonnegotiable.

schedule dates- plan a fun date night in! Light some candles, cook your favorite meal and uncork some wine. Make the mundane nights less mundane!

pillow talk- this one is actually something new that Cody and I have been doing. Since we’re both old folks, we had gotten into the habit of turning the lights out, giving each other a quick kiss and then drifting off to slumber land. As of lately, we’ve been making an effort to talk. No distractions. No lights or little ones in our bed. We let our minds wonder and talk about nothing important. It turns out that those little ‘not important’ conversations are actually really important – for the health of your relationship. I feel more connected to Cody because of those silly talks. I bet it will do that same for you and your S.O. (significant other) too!

take some time for yourself – distance makes the heart grow fonder… or something like that. Go for a solo walk or drive. Pop your headphones in and listen to your favorite podcast while your partner is practicing their air solo guitar (please tell me my husband isn’t the only one that does this.)
Taking space from your loved ones is like giving yourself the permission (and space) to FEEL your emotions instead of unloading them on someone else.

quality despite all the (excess) quantity– it is too easy to assume that since you are together with you S.O. more often that quantity can make up for quality. HARD NOPE. I can sit in a room all day with Cody and still miss him. Unless you make an effort to make eye contact, to touch, to make your main squeeze feel wanted… it’s pretty much like not spending any time with them at all.

Last but not least, lower your expectations- relationships are hard, this time is really hard and we’re only human. That doesn’t mean we have a right to be jerks but a little grace and understanding can go a long way <3

In the end, it doesn’t matter the quantity of techniques you use as long as the ones you’re using keep things SPICY.
I’d love to hear from you what things light the love fire in your life! Leave a comment here or head over to my Instagram page to comment on the post matching the picture below!

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