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Can you believe we are in our last week of July? Where has our summer gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was doing the countdown of doom for summer break and now I’m just wishing we could stay in it a little longer. If I’m being honest, I could do without the heat. It’s really those fresh summer berries that I’m going to be missing.

There are still so many crisps to be made!

Scones to be baked!

Parfaits to be devoured!

Yeah, you could say I’m going to miss summer. That being said, with July came some of my July favorites! I broke it up into three categories. Food, Fitness and Self-Care.


Of course I had to start with the food category because I’m not obsessed, you’re obsessed! Okay, it’s me.

I know what you are going to say so shhh! Yes, it’s trendy. Yes, it really is mushrooms. Yes, it gives you energy like coffee without the crazy crash. NO, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP COFFEE. 

Oh, sorry. I get a little crazy when someone tells me to cut out the java.

My espresso addiction isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Four Sigmatic products really are just dang good. If I went into detail about the health benefits, this post would be a month long. No one has time for that! I can tell you that each product is certified organic, vegan and packed full of adaptogens. The short story? If you are in the market for a drink that not only tastes good but is good for you, Four Sigmatic is the company you should try out.

I started drinking Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides a little over a month ago and I haven’t missed a day since. We all know the benefits, it does wonderful things inside the body like support bone and joint health. Did you also know that it can do pretty cool things like make your nails and hair stronger and thicker? Guys, my hair is insane right now! I have enough hair on my head for three people. I mean, there are some adverse effects like the fact that is strengthens allll your hair. Can we not talk about my chimp hands? K, thanks.

I love making my own granola but let’s be honest, prepackaged granola is kind of special. Am I the only one that gets excited about buying granola? I really hope not. Wildway Granola is Paleo friendly- no grains, gluten or added sugar AND they taste pretty dang good.  I love granola so much that I could have a favorites page for just them. In fact, I might just do that! For the time being, this one (Coconut Cashew specifically) is my on the top of the list!

I’ve tried to find the appropriate words for this cashew butter and there really are none. Yes, I know I sound dramatic but for a nut butter lover like me, this entire company takes the cake. Not only are ALL the nut butters absolutely amazing but the owner of the company is extremely kind and professional! Their cashew butter is my favorite but I’ve had the opportunity (aka, my wallet hates me) to taste over 50% of their products and each one is delicious. I look forward to trying the rest!


I can’t have a favorites post without fitness related stuff! Here are four of this months favorites.


There is nothing worse than headphones that wont stay in your ears! First world problems…. Really though, how annoying it is to be mid-run, pumping your legs as fast as they will go, stretching your T-Rex arms as far as they will stretch- just to have the damn ear pod fall out? RUDE. I have ridiculously small ears and have had a hard time finding headphones that will stay in but these ones do! If you are in the small ear club like me or maybe you aren’t willing to spend 100 dollars on headphones, these are for you!

Pleeeeease tell me I’m not the only one that likes to workout in cute clothes?! I just feel better. Ain’t no shame in that. I bought this shirt two weeks ago and I love it! A little bit modest. A little bit sexy. A lot a bit cute.

These leggings are from the brand 90 degrees and I love them! I own 4 or 5 pairs now but I bought a super cute green color this month so I’m throwing them in my July favorites.

Don’t judge me.

I think I heard about them on Emily Duncan’s Instagram about a year ago when everyone was claiming that they are Lululemon knock off. Let me clear that whole debacle up….. THEY AREN’T. Not even close. With that said, the 90 Degree brand is a pretty spectacular brand and for the price, you really can’t beat them. They don’t pill, shrink or shred in the wash. I’m pretty demanding of my workout apparel and they get a gold star in my book.

This one is a silly one but I had to add it. Have you used a running band? I always run with my youngest dog and she is usually a basket case. I need to have my hands free so I bought this running belt a week ago and now I’m wondering how I ever lived without it. Dorky? A little. Life changing? Absolutely!


How many of you actually stop to take care of yourself? Taking some time to comfort you body and mind is the most important thing you can do! Here are some of the products I use to do just that.

Tea tree oil has been in my life off and on for years. Recently I bought this little bottle which comes with a roll on applicator and it is a life savor! I roll that ish on anything. If you don’t know, tea tree oil is known to fight infections and is widely used for it’s aromatherapy benefits. It is the first thing I run to when my son is having a bout of anxiety. Whether it is the act of rolling it on, the smell of the oil itself or a combination of both… it just works.

I’m sure you’ve seen this product floating around the internet and it’s for good reason! I bought this clay over a year ago, ran out of it and promptly forgot about it. It wasn’t until Amazon reminded me that I was missing out on something good that I reordered it and my love affair got it’s spark back again! The best part? It’s just one ingredient: natural calcium bentonite. All you have to do is mix a small bit of the clay with some ACV (apple cider vinegar) or water and let the magic happen. I’ll be honest, I have extremely sensitive skin so I can only leave it on for about 5 minutes or else it drys my skin out. But that is where a nourishing facial cream comes in!

And Imagine that, I have one right here! Before you get sticker shock, let me tell you that I do not splurge on anything (unless it has to do with food!) except for this cream. This cream is everything. It only takes about an 1/8-1/4 of a tsp to nourish your entire face. The sticker is worth it. There is something about have a clean hydrated face that makes me feel like I can tackle anything that life throws at me.

Last but not least, blue light blocking glasses. They are a little trendy right now but there is nothing trendy about keeping your eyes safe. It’s just smart! I was given these by my mama and I quickly realized their worth. I’m on my phone or laptop at least 6 hours a day which is a lot of screen time! More research needs to be done to get concrete data but it is suspected that blue light from technology penetrates and damages our retinas. The glasses are suppose to help minimize the effects. Whether that is true or not, I can tell you that when I don’t wear them, my eyes let me know!


Alright, that’s a wrap! I hope you all liked this months favorites. Writing this up was actually a lot of fun so I’ll definitely be doing an August favorite’s list. Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see!

*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program. If you purchase anything from the links above I will get a small kickback. With that said, anything said on A Healthy Harmony will be my honest opinion.


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