I wasn’t taking care of my needs… are you?

We’ve all been there- so and so says X supplement is great for hair growth and that Y supplement will support hormone health. You instantly open up a browser and order X and Y so fast that the other person in the room isn’t even aware you checked out of their super interesting story.

You take these supplements for months without thought until another someone says they started taking Z supplement for their joints. Again, you swipe off to a new browser to ensure your joint health is on point. You order another shipment of X and Y while your at it because again, on point.

All of a sudden you realize you’ve been taking these supplements without much thought.

“Are they actually doing anything?” “Should I be taking these supplements?” I mean, I didn’t ask my doctor…” Well, if Rihanna says…”

My friends, we have ALL been there. Up until 4 months ago, even I was there!! That was until I partnered up with a company called Baze. Baze is a personalized vitamin program that uses a targeted and scientific approach to personalize YOUR health. They do so via a blood collection kit that you perform in the comfort of your own home. Based off those findings, they personalize supplements that fit your current needs- not Rihanna’s mmk?

After 3 months, you test again using an additional collection kit (for an additional fee – transparency peeps, I’m all about it) to make sure that you’re still on the right path to achieving optimal health.

So- the cliff notes: Baze makes it EASY to have 100% confidence that you’re taking care of your health – at every stage of life.

Talk about the ultimate form of self-care…amIright??

So, how do you get your hands on your own kit? You can just click THIS link and use promo code: KROSE50 (case sensitive) to get a Starter Kit at an amazing discount + you’ll receive your first month’s vitamins FOR FREE– we love that.

Or at least, I do & I think you will too <3

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