Hey there, I’m Kelly!

the creator of the kelly kathleen!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I get to share my passion for food, family, and all things good for the soul! I’m a proud mother of three and a lucky wife, currently embracing the joys of my early 30’s in a small country suburb just outside Seattle.

More times than not, you can find me whipping up some delicious eats in my kitchen – that is, when I’m not trying to tackle the never ending overflow of laundry.

Seriously… someone send help.

Cooking Chronicles: From Mom’s Kitchen to Embracing Nutrition

Let’s rewind to the start of my culinary escapade – a little kitchen filled with the comforting aroma of my mom’s cooking. Those early days lit the spark of my food fascination, and that fire has only grown brighter with time. Fast forward to now, where I’m cooking up a storm for my crew – my three amazing kids and my rockstar husband. Every day in my kitchen is a new lesson, and trust me, I’m learning as much as I’m creating!

But here’s the cool part: my food obsession isn’t just about taste. It’s also about understanding how what we eat impacts our health. So, in 2018, I took a leap and became a certified holistic health coach. Why? Because I wanted to dive into the science behind the mouthwatering deliciousness that we all know food can be. Cooking became even more exciting when I started connecting the dots between flavors and feel good nutrition!


Let’s Chat!

Why The Kelly Kathleen? Because Food is Love, Friend!

So, voilà, The Kelly Kathleen happened! I’m all about making plant-based eating a piece of cake (or a slice of avocado toast) for everyone. It’s not just about recipes; it’s about making memories around the table, no matter what your taste buds are into. Here, you’ll find plant-based recipes with flexi-friendly options.

In sum, I’ve got your back, pal. Food should make you feel amazing, right?

Life’s a Journey, So Let’s Savor It!

From those first cooking adventures with my mom to whipping up meals for my own gang, one thing’s for sure – the kitchen is my classroom, and every recipe I create is a lesson. And you know what? I’m all about lifelong learning. Food and nutrition are like this awesome puzzle that I’m piecing together every day. So, thanks for joining me on this wild ride of taste tests, recipe mishaps, and health revelations.

Stay sweet my friends,

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