February | Things I’ve Been Into

1.TXR Exercise Ball Let me just say that this ball has HORRIBLE reviews on Amazon but it has been a life saver for me!! I’ve been using it to sit on instead of a chair while I’m doing laptop work, I HIGHLY recommend! It has improved my posture immensly AND bouncing around on it is pretty dang fun!

2. Healthy Human Life – I haven’t been quiet this month about my love affair with Healthy Human Cruiser Tumblers and Stein Water Bottles. When you are a beverage lover like me, you want your drinks to stay the temp they were actually meant to be. My Stein water bottles are in the 32oz size and they have been perfect for me and all my water guzzling. I actually bought the ‘flip and sip’ lid instead of classic dip for easy drink-age. PRO move my friends!

My tumblers are in the 20oz size, they have kept my coffee reeeeeal hot and reeeeal ice cold. Also, if you want to up your smoothie game, tumblers are where it’s at. I made a smoothie two hours before I intended on drinking it and it was ICE cold when I took that first sip of bliss.

Can I let you in on a little secret? I am now a Healthy Human Life Ambassador! What does that mean? It means absolutely nothing…. I’m not here to sell you on anything. I’m here to be real and let you know that there are things out there that make my life 1) easier and/or 2) more enjoyable. A Healthy Human Life just happens to be one of those companies that does both! So with that said, if you want to save a little cash when purchasing your own water bottle of bliss, the code “ahealthy10” will do just that.

3. Theo’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Dark chocolate and peanut butter, need I say more? Nope… so I won’t.

4. ActiveWow Teeth Whitening Kit – the all-naturals are going to send pitchforks my way for this one. YOLO? Idk if I really care. I’ve been really insecure about my teeth lately. I’m human, mmk? I use to use straight bleach on my teeth so I think this is progress. Regardless, I purchased this kit about two weeks ago and while I’m not seeing pearly whites just yet, I’m confident we’ll get there. I know there are a bunch of all-natural ways to whiten teeth, I haven’t tried them all but 3 months of trying has left me annoyed and ready to try something new!

5.Kora Fitness Seamless Sports Bra in Olive – Holy Sh*t Balls guys.

Thank you for loving me regardless of my foul mouth.

Kora Fitness is one of those brands that I always wanted to try but never did because of $$$. Let’s just say that changed this month. Mama finally bought herself some goods and GOOD they were. I bought the seamless set in olive…
I will be buying the whole collection.

Don’t tell Cody. Or actually do… maybe that will save me from having to tell him!

6. Hello Oral Care BPA-Free Toothbrush With Charcoal Bristles – Toothbrushes are an odd thing to be ‘into’ but I totally am. I’ve actually had one for the last three months BUT I just purchased another one last week so that counts right? Right! For whatever reason, the charcoal bristles don’t irritate my gums at all which is a huge feat for this pregnant lady.

7. Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil – Lather me up in this GOLD. I know there are quite a few products on the market that are well known and work really well BUT they also hold a high price tag. One being cocokind chia oil… it works SO well but it’s insanely priced for this mama. Instead, I bought this almond oil and have been using it every day this month to help my stretching skin. It’s been a godsend.

8. Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera – I just realized I have a lot of beauty products in this month’s mentions but this one might be the most important one… it’s also the cheapest. You’re welcome.

Now, I know Witch Hazel has been around the block a couple times- she’s a popular lady- but I could never really understand it’s appeal until I ditched ALL of my skin care products and started over. My skin has been extremely sensitive lately and I realized while all the products I was using were natural, too much of a good thing is still too much!

My skincare routine is now simple- like REAL simple. Wake up? Wash face with warm water and put on Witch Hazel. Workout? Wash face with warm water and put on Witch Hazel. Shower? Wash face with warm water and put on Witch Hazel. Before Bed? I bet you can guess… wash face with warm water and put on Witch Hazel.

My skin has NEVER felt better. It’s safe to say Witch Hazel will be sticking around for the long haul.

9. Brickyard Buffalo – This entire site is my February obsession. It’s a site ran by ladies and their whole goal is to give get you amazing products- clothes, stationery, baby items, accessories, etc- at discounted prices. I just bought a romper for $14 that is regularly priced at $50. YES PUHLEASE.

10. Planoly – At the beginning of the month I realized I wasn’t producing the kind of content I really wanted to and that it was due to a lack of proper planning for A Healthy Harmony. Planoly has saved me!!! It’s a free platform that can help you plan posts in advance. I know this won’t apply to everyone but I highly recommend using it if you use Instagram for your business! Now I can draft up posts and have a visual for how things can be laid out. It’s great for someone like me that needs a visual reminder of ideas that I’ve thought of but can’t use immeditaly.

There may be affiliate links in this post! By purchasing a product I recommend, I may receive a small compensation. Remember peeps- I’m real AF and would only recommend products I absolutely love and use myself. Thank you for supporting me in my realness- you make my LIFE!

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