Discount Codes

1) Nuzest – code: thekellykathleen

Nuzest is the only protein powder I use and you will see it in nearly all the recipes I post on The Kelly Kathleen. My favorite are the Vanilla Probiotic Digestive Support Protein as it’s not too sweet and leaves my tummy feeling happy (unlike some proteins!). My other most used protein flavors are Just Natural and Rich Chocolate.

2) Ancient Nutrition- code: kellyk

Ancient Nutrition Collagen and Bone Broth products are used in my household on the daily. I use collagen in my morning coffees and the bone broth in a lot of my bakes goods! It’s actually the only animal product that I consume on the reg.

3) Hu Kitchen- code: healthyharmony

Don’t @ me for my chocolate addiction mmkay? Just be on my level and same some cash while you’re at it. Hu Kitchen is HANDS DOWN my favorite chocolate to bake with (or eat. lol). You will see a lot of their Chocolate Gems in my baked goods recipes because of their clean ingredients.

4) Georgia Grinders- code: kellyk

If you know, you know. GG’s Cashew Butter is like crack. Don’t buy me diamonds. Buy me cashew butter. End of story. Their other butters are amazing too but the cashew butter definitely has my whole heart.

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