Chocoalte Ganache Overnight Oats

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These Chocolate Ganache Overnight Oats are made with just a handful of healthy ingredients for an easy breakfast recipe that tastes like a decadent dessert. Prep it ahead of time for a delicious meal in minutes! 

Chocolate for Breakfast? Yes, please!

Who doesn’t love a good oat recipe? Whether you’re making “Banana Bread” Baked Oats, Zucchini Cinnamon Oat Bread, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, or even just a classic bowl of oatmeal, there’s something just so satisfying about them. Personally, it’s my favorite way to start my day…after a big cup of coffee, of course. However, when the summertime heat gets just a bit too ridiculous, I can’t handle a piping hot bowl first thing in the morning. Luckily, that’s where overnight oats come into play! 

Whoever first created this invention was truly a genius. Not only are overnight oat recipes super simple to make, but they’re also fast to throw together and a breeze to meal prep. Basically what I’m saying is they’re a busy mom’s dream. In all honesty, I make them quite frequently and love to include fresh fruit, nuts, and all kinds of different goodness, even chocolate once in a while. So, when that sweet tooth hit during my meal planning, I started wondering how I could take an already amazing recipe to the next level. My answer? Chocolate Ganache Overnight Oats! 

Yep, you read that right. They’re everything you love about overnight oats with an even more rich chocolate flavor than any you’ve ever had before. The best part? They’re still super healthy and will be waiting for you in the morning! 

Why are we even still talking? Let’s get in the kitchen! 

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I guarantee you already have most if not all of the ingredients for this recipe waiting for you in your kitchen. If not, they can all easily be found at your local grocery store and are super budget-friendly. Honestly, does life get any better than that? To make these overnight oats you’ll need: 

Oats – Oats are the core of this recipe. Make sure they are whole and dry. 

Protein Powder – As always, I used Nuzest protein powder. This time I opted for Probiotic Vanilla Digestive Support (code: thekellykathleen will save you some money if you’re interested in trying it out), but any protein you like best will work. 

Milk – I prefer to use soy or plant-based milk, but any you have on hand will work just fine! 

Cacao Powder – If you don’t have cacao powder, cocoa powder or even just melted chocolate works as well. Just keep in mind that the flavor will likely be slightly sweeter. Also, depending on the chocolate you use, you might not gain as many nutritional benefits. 

Maple Syrup – Maple syrup creates a sticky and sweet mix that is key to the ganache. However, if you’re in a pinch, honey could be used in its place. 

Salt – I know it may seem unnecessary, but I promise you don’t want to skip out on the salt in this recipe as it works to bring out the natural flavors of all the ingredients! 

chocolate ganache overnight oats in a white bowl with a spoon

How to Make

This recipe is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing. I promise, you really can’t mess it up. Just follow the steps below! 

  1. Combine. Add the dry oats, milk, and salt into a bowl or container of choice, and stir them well. 
  2. Refrigerate. Place the oat mixture into the fridge while you make the ganache.
  3. Make Ganache. To create the ganache mixture, lightly warm the maple syrup and 1 tablespoon of milk in a small bowl. Then, add the cacao powder, and whisk the ingredients together. 
  4. Pour. Pour the warm ganache mixture over the cold oats, and place them back in the fridge to set. 
  5. Enjoy! Once the oats have thickened, add any toppings you’d like, and dig in! 

What is Ganache? 

Traditionally, ganache is a French term for a mixture of cream and chocolate. It is thicker than your typical icing and has a much richer texture. It cools to a smooth firm texture and is completely drool-worthy. Obviously, for this recipe, we aren’t sticking to traditional recipes, but the inspiration and flavor are all there. 

Topping Suggestions

Really, there are no rules or limits with this overnight oats recipe. Seriously, go crazy if you want! A few of my favorite toppings include Suncore Cacao Nibs and an extra sprinkle of sea salt (I’m serious about the salt situation you guys). However, yogurt, nut butter, fresh fruit, and chopped nuts would all be super tasty as well! 

How Long Should I Refrigerate My Oats?

For the best results, I highly recommend you let your oat mixture sit in the fridge overnight. If you really can’t wait, it should be good to go after 2 hours. It just won’t be as thick. 

Storage Tips

The best part about this recipe is how long it stays fresh. I’m not joking when I say I prep a big batch to keep for the whole week! When stored in an airtight container in the fridge, it can last 5-7 days. Or, pop it in the freezer for up to 2 months. Then, to eat it all you have to do is place the container back in the fridge to thaw. 

Can I cook this recipe? 

Yes! If you’re feeling a warm bowl of oats instead of something cold, just pop your container in the microwave for a minute or two. If it’s too thick just add a bit more milk. 

What kind of Oats Should I Use?

Any oats you have work for this recipe! Personally, I prefer old-fashioned as they are thicker and slightly more fluffy, but quick-cooking oats, rolled oats, and steel-cut oats all work just as well. 

As the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I think these overnight oats are going to set you up for the best day EVER. I’m dying to know, though. What are you topping them with? Leave a comment below! 

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chocolate ganache overnight oats in a white bowl with a spoon

Chocolate Ganache Overnight Oats

These Chocolate Ganache Overnight Oats are high protein, gluten-free, and vegan for an easy breakfast recipe you'll love!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 scoop of Probiotic Vanilla Digestive Support Protein by Nuzest
  • 1/2 cup soy milk or any plant-based milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp soy milk


  • Add the oats, protein, 1/2 cup of milk and salt into a bowl and stir well.
  • Place the bowl into your fridge while you make the ganache.
  • Lightly warm the maple syrup and 1 tbsp of milk in a small bowl.
  • Add in the cacao powder and whisk together.
  • Pour the mixture over your oats and place it back in the fridge to set – at least 2 hours but overnight is best.
  • Top with whatever you’d like, I chose to use Suncore cacao nibs and a little more sea salt. Yogurt, nut butter, or fresh fruit would be great too!
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