Athletic Apparel for ALL Sizes

There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze into your workout clothes. Talk about setting yourself up to get off the horse before you’ve even begun to ride it.

Working out is something that can build your confidence and make you feel amazing but it can also be really intimidating for some. Especially if you are wearing the wrong clothes.

Over the last few months, I’ve had to adapt my workout apparel to fit my growing belly and it’s been a challenging task. Not all companies are built the same! That’s why I’ve accumulated a list of brands that work for me and YOU! I asked Instagram and Instagram pulled through with their favorite brands as well. The accumulated list is down below:

Kora Fitness- Kora has recently become my favorite brand for multiple reasons! Their clothing is high quality, their morals are on point and their price point is in my comfort range. I am still able to fit into their size S with plenty of room for my belly to keep expanding. My favorite part of their clothing is that they don’t fall down. Can we all agree that squats are made 10x worse when your pants want to get low as well?

Lululemon Athletics- There are some definite pros and cons to this brand but I have to add it to the list. Lululemon’s quality is amazing and their return policy really can’t be beaten. The cons of this brand? PRICEY AF. Plus, not all of their clothing is created equal… I mean, technically it is because it’s all amazing. Maybe I should have said not all of their clothing will be equally as flattering. I’d stick with their Align Pant II and the Fast & Free. I’ve personally worn and own both of these pants and have loved them forever.

Athletica- I’ll admit I’ve only owned a few pieces from this company but they were the number one recommended brand from my pole on Instagram. The few pieces that I have tried, I have really have enjoyed! While their price point is a little higher, I would say that the quality does match it. It’s hard to find an article of clothing on their site that isn’t adorable- if you are a fan of bold colors and patterns- Athletica is the brand for you… That being said (continue onto Old Navy)

Old Navy- Old Navy and Athletica are sister companies! Aka you can get the same quality for a much cheaper price. Do I like the material as much? NOPE. I also don’t think their patterns are as adventurous but if you are looking for a $30 dollar pair of leggings that will stay up and pass the squat test, Old Navy might be the brand for you!
Truth be told- I have had to size up in Old Navy clothes already and I will probably have to do it again by the time I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. That means I’ll have to buy $60 dollars worth on two leggings when I could just buy one pair of leggings from Kora that will fit me the entire time.

Nike- This name popped up a few times when I asked Instagram! Their quality is great but their morals are a little subpar. I’m not one to say you should or you shouldn’t but for me personally, I try to stay away from Nike as much as I can.

Fabletics- Incredibly low priced options. This company was the second most recommended brand via Instagram and I can understand why. They have cute prints for practically no money at all! I have had a few not so great run-ins with a lack of quality but I think that’s reflective in their price. You get what you get!

Senita Athletics- I have heard nothing but fantastic things about this company. I was really hesitant to put it on my list being as I personally don’t own anything from them but after getting numerous 5-star reviews, I figured I kind of had to. Overall, their quality looks amazing and their price point is pretty phenomenal.

Girlfriend Collective: Based out of Seattle, sustainable, reasonably priced and stay the eff up! I love love love this brand. The company itself, the clothing, and the prices- all around a win for me. My personal favorites are the High Rise leggings and the Paloma bra.

Now, I know there are a million other brands out there that I haven’t touched on… that’s because I don’t wear them! I wanted to give you an article with REAL reviews not just “what I hear”. I have tried Adidas (love them but way overpriced) Reebox, ASOS, Forever 21, Zella (SUPER comfy but can’t stay up to save a life), and MUCH more but I honestly didn’t think any of them were worth mentioning.

If you have brands you are in love with- I’d love to hear about them!! Let me know in the comments on this post or go comment on the picture below @ahealthyharmony on Instagram

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