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April's TIBI

1) Goby Toothbrush 100% honestly, I didn’t purchase my Goby. It was given to me by my orthodontist BUT I am 100% in love with it! It has two settings, regular and sensitive which makes it perfect for me as my teeth hurt nearly all the time now from my aligners. I looked up the price for them and they are completely reasonable! I’m going to be buying one for the Mr. vvvv soon!

2) Cetaphil Cleansing Wipes I keep one back in my Fawn Design Bag, one in my car and one in my bathroom. Now that the warmer months are coming, have a wipe that is non-toxic is absolutely necessary! Or maybe it’s just me that sweats worse than a grown man. IDK. Regardless, I love them.

3) Nuzest starter packs I’ve spoken about this before but like many things on this month’s list, I brought the starter pack to Disney with us and it was a game changer! It was so easy to add protein into my diet when I felt like I wasn’t hitting my norm. Nuzest makes it easy because their flavors are delicious enough to drink with some cold water. No need to mix it in with anything else!! PS: code “ahealthyharmony” will save you 15% at checkout!

4) Fawn Design Diaper Bag I had fully intended on using this once the little babe arrives BUT I couldn’t help myself. I brought it along with us to Disneyland as a travel bag and got no less than 4 ladies comment on it. One was a young flight attendant that didn’t have children- she said she wanted one for all the traveling she does and I would absolutely support that decision. I’M OBSESSED!!

5) Blue Lizard Sunscreen best NON TOXIC sunscreen out there. I checked the EWG website for a non-toxic sunscreen before our trip and I was happy to find out I already had one in my cabinet! Blue Lizard is the best.

6) Salt Lamp OBSESSED! That’s all I have to say.

7) Pacifica Slay All Day I’m not normally a huge fan of adding flavors to my water until it’s like a lemon or lime BUT I received this powder in a goodie bag and ran through it in approximately 2.9 seconds. The flavor is amazing!!!

8) Essential Oils lemongrass anything and I’m THERE. Ancient Nutrition Essential Oils have been added into my daily routine as a form of self-care and I don’t see the act stopping anytime soon. I also have my diffuser running at my desk while I’m on client phone calls and it makes my atmosphere so enjoyable.

9) Pill Case These cuties made it SO dang easy to take all my supplements while we were traveling but I’ve also found an appreciation for them at home. I now use them to organize little things like hair ties for E while we are out and about!

10)Packing Cubes These SAVED me this month. I was able to pack for 4 people in a small a** bag with plenty of room to spare. If you’re planning on traveling anytime soon, I’d purchase some packing cubes to make your life way easier!

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