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AM_PM Routines _ Why they matter

Whether you are new to the health world or have been around awhile, you’ve probably heard of the importance of routines. Why? Well, the typical person in the health industry would say “when my motivation isn’t there, my habits save me.”

True, but that’s not why I have them.

Routines are important because they take one less decision off my list. Think about our brain capacity. On any given day, we have a limited number of times we can make decisions before our brain wants to tap out. Only, there’s no one else ready to tap in. Once we are on empty, we have to refuel to get that capacity back again. How does one do that? SLEEP.

So, short answer… I love my routine because as a wife, mother, sister, friend…. I make too damn many decisions. Taking decision making out of my morning and nights makes it so I can have optimal decision making capabilities throughout the day.

Now, you may be thinking that having a routine seems really restricting. *Jeez Kelly, get a life* *Totes bro* *all the eye rolls*

Think what you may but having a routine doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible. It just simply means you have a rough idea of how that allotted amount of time is going to play out.

Routines don’t have to be extensive or complicated. They can be 5 minutes or 3 hours. They can consist of 3 things or 10 things. The common denominator in all of this is that everyone’s routine is something that works FOR THEM.

“That’s great and all but what’s your routine?”… Well, I’m so glad you asked!

My morning is a bit longer than my nighttime. From 6 am to 10 am is blocked out in my calendar as Morning Routine. It’s a lengthy span of time but I have A LOT going on in those hours.

6 am: Wake Up
6:15 am: Instagram post, comment and respond(also get 32oz of water in + some decaf coffee because let’s be real)
7:00/7:15 am: Wake kids up and give them all the kisses
7:30 am: Kick Cody’s booty out the door Say goodbye to Cody and make kids their breakfast
7:45 am: Get dressed, drink some more water and respond on Instagram
8:15 am: Finish packing the kid’s lunches (if necessary), get the kid’s shoes on and walk them to the bus
8:45 am: Decompress- TURN MY PHONE OFF, do some whoosahs and drink some caffeinated coffee if necessary (hint, it usually is).
9:00 am: Have a kickass workout and stretch
10:00 am: Shower and put real clothes on

Phew, can you imagine if I had to decide to do all of that each morning? My routine SAVES ME. And it also saves my family. My kids and husband know what to expect of me and THEMSELVES. My kids know to be dressed, teeth brushed and lookin’ all sorts of cute before coming downstairs. They know that breakfast happens once Dad is out the door. They know that while mommy is getting dressed, they need to help pack their lunches. They know what to expect because I’ve set this routine for not only myself but for them as well.

Nighttime is no different around here! The expectations are set and things run smoothly, the only difference is that it is MUCH shorter!

7:20 pm: Toys clean up time
7:40 pm: Kids brush teeth and pj’s
7:45 pm: Books
8:15 pm: Kids lights out!
8:30 pm: Parents crash immediately after from pure exhaustion
8:30 pm: I brush teeth, take my vitamins and probiotic and crawl into bed to whisper sweet nothings to my hot AF husband

That’s it! This is what works for us but I cannot stress enough that routines don’t have to be this extensive. OR set in stone! I have kids. Kids are a pain in the ass. End of story.

But actually, not end of story because that morning routine? While I try to stick to it… sometimes my mornings are a hot mess, workouts don’t happen or Cody stays home and ruins my groove it’s the weekend!! Saturday and Sunday mornings aren’t nearly that laid out. I love to get a morning workout in but sometimes it doesn’t happen until the afternoon… or at all. I go with the flow but understand my household runs more smoothly when we follow what we know best!

More importantly? I run more smoothly. That’s kind of what routines are all about!

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