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You’re a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a partner, a working woman and/or a combination of any of the above. Life, your daily grind, is pulling you in at least 100 different directions which is leaving you with less than half a tank. You feel exhausted, emotionally and physically. At this point you are no longer working smarter, you are just working harder. Everything is starting to feel a little overwhelming and that sinking feeling keeps getting worse. Your inner voice keeps repeating the mantra  “just keep swimming”. Or maybe that’s just your kids watching Finding Nemo for the 38th time. Regardless, you’re past swimming. You’re so frazzled and at this point, remembering how to eat is out of the question. What’s proper nutrition again?

Your mind is bogged down. Your life is bogged down. Your gut is bogged down. Your vacuum is bogged down from sucking up soggy cheese crackers. You’re out of time and energy. Your hormones have taken you on a ride you really just want to get the hell off of. You’re cranky, angry, unfocused and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news….. you’re more than looking a little shook by it all. You know it, I know it and the person staring back in the mirror knows it.

I bet you’d say you’re overwhelmed and undernourished. I’m not just talking about the food on your plate. I’m talking the stuff that makes your heart swell. I’m talking about the stuff that makes the soul sing. Your soul in particular. At one point all the moving parts in your life use to flow so well that a gospel choir had nothing on your harmonic melody but now…. well now your soul food sounds more like a 5th-grade band class. You rather just shut the classroom door and pretend it isn’t happening.

Take a second to think about:

No longer having to have one on one conversations with your self-doubt but rather a conversation with a professional problem solver who would actively listen to what you have to say, turning preposterous into brilliance

No longer having the backing towards the no time for myself excuse because you now have a dedicated and recurring time to put yourself first

A private space where there was no judgment and exploring your options, ideas, obstacles, and fears was not only welcomed but the norm

Stepping out of the box to find resourceful and actionable ways to change your outlook on life

Walking away from this experience being a more confident, empowered and assertive owner of your health and happiness


What’s included in the Time To Wake Up health coaching package?

This package includes:

30-minute weekly transformational sessions via video conference (12 in total)

Regular strategic homework assignments to make sure we are staying on the fast track to your success

Online 1-1 support from me via email for questions, strategy tweaks and support between our sessions

Access to additional coaching tools and educational resources designed to keep you growing + moving forward

One 30-minute check-in video conference scheduled 1-month after our last session to make sure you’re still rocking your new found bad-ass outlook

What is the investment for all this?

Book your FREE Consultation call!

We will go over all your pricing questions in that session. The structure and accountability of doing longer-term work together is a serious matter. It’s a big investment of energy and time for both of us.

So how do you know I’m the right fit for you?

Start with a scheduling your free consultation. You can make an informed decision for yourself once we chat.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am an upfront, no beating around the bush kind of gal. While I don’t expect us to be one in the same, I do expect my clients to be:

Be 100% present during our sessions for a minimum of 3 months.

Choose a regular day/time for their sessions and adhere to a strict rescheduling policy.

Commit to the process by doing assignments in-between our sessions and report back to me on how they went.

If any of these expectations feel like too much of a stretch, I may not be the right professional for you. Even if it’s not with me, my hope is that you get where you want to go.

Now that we have all that covered, what’s next? Well, you could take action, right here and right now.


Or you could stay spinning your wheels, stay stagnant. You could keep hearing that 5th-grade band class beating their drums again and again in your head. You could keep conversating with your excuses. You’ll keep seeing your goals but have to find contentment in not reaching them. I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve heard all the excuses for not doing transformational work. If not from myself, I know I’ve heard them from someone else.

I’m busy. Like really busy. There’s Susie’s gymnastics and Johnny’s baseball. My husband works hard during the day. He shouldn’t have to stumble over Legos and American Girl dolls. Dinner needs to be cooked, Susie has a gluten allergy and Johnny is allergic to dairy. I can’t make someone else cook three separate dinners. There’s laundry to be done and dog hair to be vacuumed. I barely have enough time to shower and get dressed. I mean yeah, I have needs but are they really a need? What if they’re more like wants? I know there are other things that really should be done. The lawn needs to be dyed. What would the HOA think if it turned yellow? Right now, the investment just isn’t possible. I mean, my mental health and happiness are important but it’s not a pressing issue. See? I’m smiling! Everything is fine. It’s fine. No, I’m definitely not worth the investment. Plus, I don’t think I can take the time away from work and/or family to spare two hours a month for our sessions. I’ve tried something like this before and failed miserably. You know those online one month package things. Yeah, this definitely won’t work for me.No, I just shouldn’t set aside the time for myself so that I can be a better mom, wife, partner or businesswoman. I’m busy. Like really busy.

All valid. All reasonable. But here’s the deal, the all have tangible solutions. When you are ready to stop letting your self-doubt run the show — when you’re ready to really commit to yourself — I’ll be waiting and ready too.


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