15+ Activities That Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks (All Under 15 Min!)

Okay my beautiful babes! I’ve compiled a list of 15+ things that you can do right this moment that will make you feel oh so good. The need for self-care is at an all time high right now and there’s no question that it’s because we are constantly being needed (wife, mother, need to reconnect with ourselves – that ish takes work).
I decided what would really benefit all of us right now is less pressure to “self-care” and more ideas of what we can do to just feel better. So, read on! Grab some ideas for yourself and make sure to share the wealth. I’m sure you know someone that could benefit from doing one (or a few) of these activities too!

call a friend (+pour yourself a glass of wine) – who says happy hour can’t be at 10am?? Virtual girl time can be one of the best form of relaxation!
go outside – and QUIETLY shut the door so that your little sweet demons angel babies don’t hear. You need to be able to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face in peace. Have yourself a Pocahontas moment.
pluck dem eyebrows – okay, this one is really just a reminder for myself. Noted Kelly, noted.
Truthfully though, when’s the last time you took a moment to fine tune your brows? I’m not talking a drive-by plucking. I’m talking an actual 10 minutes of fine tuning… your brows will thank you.
declutter a common space – your bedside table, the tv stand, under the kitchen sink, the top of your office desk and it’s drawers… these places are often times neglected. Getting them cleaned up has the most positive effect on your mind! If you are limited on time, set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and see how far you go. Progress over perfection friends!
take a shower + shave those legs – don’t look now but I’m pretty sure there is a jungle down below… take a few minutes honey, you deserve it.
read a book – not one of those boring self-help books either, read that real smutty stuff that would make a nun’s cheeks turn pink.
ps: some of the best books I’ve read are self-help books.
pps: the best books I’ve ever read have been real smutty.
enjoy your favorite meal – I understand this one is a little harder since prepping and eating a meal in under fifteen minutes is a little tough. That’s why the next point (below!) is reaaaal nice to prioritize. That being said, being able to sit down and eat a meal or snack in peace – well, it’s pure bliss.
prep a few meals or snacks – having a few meals on hand that you thoroughly enjoy, that make your body and mind feel good, is truly a winning situation. Taking only 15 minutes to prep a few items will be a gift that keeps on giving.
gua sha – pro tip = put it in your freezer for an ice cold refresher. I learned this tip from a mama friend of mine. Sarah over on Instagram @_afreshpurefood is someone you should be following if you aren’t following her already!
This gua sha set has a jade roller included which feels SO good when you use it right under your eyes.
brush your teeth + wash your face – some of my most refreshed moments have come right after I take 3 minutes to do both. If you’re in the market for a new clean beauty company – Coco Kind is the best!
Here are some of my favorites:
~ My Matcha, Turmeric & Beetroot sticks
~ All Over Oil Golden Elixir
~ Facial Cleansing Oil
bake some cookies – from thought to first lava hot bite, you can make and bake cookies in under 15 minutes. I don’t know about you but eating a chocolate chip cookie always makes me feel like a million bucks.
Some recipes (not necessarily cookies) I’ve been loving lately:
~ Lemon Drop Cookies
~Gooey Chocolate Blondies
~ Healthy(ish) Muddy Buddies
~ Blueberry Crumble Donuts
take a cat nap – this idea is kind of laughable. In my world, all hell would break loose. HOWEVER, if you are able to take a cat nap, a few minutes of shut eye does the body good.
clean your jewelry – okay, I’ll admit that this is an odd one. However, every time I look down at my hands or see my earrings, I’m always reminded that I intended to clean them. Usually that intention has been running strong for a solid month… or five. When I do finally clean my jewelry, I’m always reminded of how lucky I am to have such beautiful luxuries. The gratitude instantly puts a smile on my face.
You see, it’s really not that odd. Try it, I promise, it’s a game changer.
use a face mask – when my skin is feeling good, I’m feeling good. There’s something about soft glowing skin that just feeling RIGHT. I’ve been known for putting on a face mask, setting a timer for 20 minutes and seeing how many mundane tasks I can tackle. Multitasking with a little self-care? I’m here for it.
lay on an acupressure mat – and put your legs up on a wall while doing so! This one is really a twofer because doing either one of these acts can boost your mood, energy and make you feel like a million bucks. If you’re crunched for time (like we usually all are!), you could always respond to emails or those pesky text messages that you’ve been ignoring while doing so. I mean, I’ve never done this or anything. It’s just the word on the street. This mat is one I bought off of Amazon and it included an acupressure pillow too! I’ve had it for two years now and it’s still in perfect condition.
lymphatic drainage massage – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Google that sh*t. There’s approximately 9723487 You Tube videos on how to properly practice it. It’s one of the coolest (nerd alert) things you can do for yourself in under 15 minutes. Best part? It’s FREE.
sip a cup of coffee in peace – wake your beautiful rear-end up early if you have to. There is nothing like sipping a cup of coffee (or tea) without the “need” to be elsewhere or be something {mama’s I’m looking at you}.
If you are in the market for a B-E-A-UTIFUL mug, I might have just purchased two of these beauties as an early birthday present for myself. (big shout out to Marianna for being the coolest chick ever + being cool with me wanting to be you)

“Thumb Cup” + Image by Hanselmann Pottery

Alright, I could go on forever but I feel like this is a good list to get you and your friends started.
Don’t forget to share this article so that evvvveryone can start feeling better – if not their best <3

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